Cycling helps relieve stress

On the way to exams.

On the way to exams.

I recently updated a post 10 reasons to take up cycling. One of those reasons was

Cycling can help relieve stress. I don’t have a scientific study to back up this claim. But, cycling can be an excellent way to relieve some stress. Any exercise can help to clear out the cobwebs in the mind and give a boost to your blood circulation. Any moderate exercise can also release those chemicals like serotonin which help to give a feeling of well-being.

In addition, compared to other forms of exercise, cycling is ideal for stress relief. As mentioned in Cycling Science – the bike is the most efficient method of human propulsion. Any effort is magnified. Unlike walking or running, you don’t hammer your joints but get a good feeling of speed to match the effort.

Commuting to work by bike may sound potentially stressful. But, I wouldn’t swap the bike for the stresses of driving and parking or catching the bus. With the bicycle, there is the autonomy of being your own driver with the freedom to take whichever route you wish. If you compare how you feel after cycling to work and driving, cycling gives a much better feeling.

time for a chat on the way to exams.

The downside of commuting by bike is that sometimes traffic conditions and other vehicles can create their own stress. Squeezing  past fast moving taxis e.t.c. is not exactly a meditation on inner peace. But, despite the potential problems, I still feel a net gain. Although much is out of our control, our attitude is important. If we see the cycle commute as a chance to de-stress, then we can take our time, not expect too much; rather than trying to squeeze through gaps, we can see it as an opportunity to relax – and rather than waste time in traffic jams, we get the benefit of a bit of stress-relieving exercise and we get to work for practically free.  Just give yourself a couple of pounds every time you cycle, that will make you feel less stressed.


Good old fashioned clunkers and the plastic bag.



A busy light outside Waterstone’s


The pink carnation means they are in the middle of exams. Cycling to exam school is perfect way to relieve a bit of stress.



Mostly tarffic free.DSC00062

Riding two abreast, don’t tell the Daily Mail.




A mix of colours.DSC00070

Eating on the move.DSC00075

Don’t be late for exam.exams-high-street


On the cheap mountain bikes.


Going past the building

Even professors cycle in

By bicycle, the best way to travel in Oxford.

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  1. georgie June 13, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

    Def agree – the days I have a calm, easy going pace cycling home, I feel very chilled out indeed. And the more chilled you peddle, the greater the feeling of control you have on the bike, making it feel safer than if you’re zipping away, blasting over the potholes.
    I try to remember to emulate that dignified old guy on his steel beast rather than the head down guy who’s giving it all he’s got, but I’m not sure how aware of his surroundings he is.

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