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Road Bike Frame Size Guide

To avoid risk of (painful injury) there should be a gap of at least 2.5cm between the bike’s top tube and your crotch as you stand over the bike. Finding the correct bike size for a road bike with 700cc tyres First take an inside leg measurement. This is the distance from the floor to […]

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Best Bike Frame Material

When choosing a bike frame there are 4 main types of material. Steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, and titanium. In truth, there is a big difference between ‘cheap’ steel frames and new types of steel frames. There is greater homogeneity amongst carbon fibre frames. Nevertheless, these are some of the pros and cons of different material […]

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Choosing Tyres for Commuting

For commuting distances of less than 10 miles, the most important factors are getting tyres with a good tread and good puncture resistance. Grip and Tread Contrary to popular belief, cycling tyres (unlike car tyres) do not benefit from having a tread. Aqua planning does not occur on a bike; the best grip will come […]

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How Important is Reducing Weight on a Bike?

 My Hill Climb Bike (weight 6.0kg, 13.5lbs) It seems the issue of saving weight on a bike can become a great side hobby for cyclists. For some reason cyclists can become quite obsessed with saving the odd gram here and there. I have a good friend in the US, who rarely cycles, is quite a […]

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Top 10 Modern Cycling Inventions

1. Dérailleur gears. We will never know how the intrepid Tour de France pioneers climbed the col D’ Tourmalet and L’Alpe d’Huez on single speed bikes (admittedly they could turn the wheel around for a second choice). Derailleur gears have made the life of modern cyclists so much easier and more enjoyable (especially if spend […]

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