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First thoughts on a power meter

My Quark power meter arrived yesterday. I haven’t quite become Chris Froome, just yet (see tumblr: Chris Froome looking at stems) Here are few initial observations on power meters. I remember seeing a photo of Bradley Wiggin’s power output after winning the UK 10 mile TT championship in 2011, and showing his average power output […]

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Why cyclists don’t pay road tax in UK

I was interested to read about a recent ‘I Pay Road Tax Campaign‘ (I have talked about this before – Should cyclists pay road tax?) Here are some more thoughts on the issue. The original road tax was abolished in 1937, but the name has stuck around. Most adults with a car have to pay […]

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Two good reasons to build cycle lanes and go cycling

Cycle lane protected from road offers solution to congestion and a safe place to cycle. No wonder it is popular with cyclists The road over Iffley Bridge cycle lanes Complete guide to cycle paths

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Time trial head on

Kask Bambino TT helmet review

The Kask Bambino helmet is an expensive aero helmet. Despite its price (£299) it has become quite popular, probably because of its use by Sky procycling team. The logic is that Sky must have spent quite a bit of money on wind tunnel tests. If it’s good enough for the likes of Froome and Wiggins, […]

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Cheap inner tubes

After a double puncture, I bought a new spare inner tube from a local bike shop. It was £5.95. I saw this offer of £18.99 for 10 inner tubes, so I bought. They arrived in one day, and they just come in small plastic bag with no label. I haven’t actually used in a wheel […]

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Things I wouldn’t miss if I stopped cycling

Things I wouldn’t miss if I stopped cycling. The difficult in walking down stairs after a particularly long training ride. I’ve sometimes wondered if it wouldn’t be easier just to slide down on my backside, and only slightly less dignified. Or perhaps the way forward is the ‘Stena stairlift for cyclists’. The difficulty I get […]

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Spectators at the Tour de France

. L’Alpe d’Huez. photo Bryan77 Watching the Tour de France stage to Alpe d’Huez I was in two minds about the spectators. Was this the greatest collection of sporting fans in the world? or the craziest and most dangerous? Watching the riders battle through a sea of flags, cameras, running spectators, people dressed as giant […]

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Getting overtaken in a time trial

It’s not too often I get overtaken in a time trial, so when I do I tend to remember it. I remember once in the 2010 British Time trial championship. I was happily speeding along at 33mph on the flat. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself when a Sky rider came past like a […]

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Power meters and the romance of pushing the limits

I’m about to get a power meter. I’ve resisted for several years. But, nearly everyone tells me power meters are great. I feel like I’m missing out by not having one. To be honest, I’d probably prefer it they hadn’t been invented. But, they have – and so it seems a mistake to miss out […]

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tan hill

Cycling in Hills of Yorkshire

Some of my favourite hill climbs of Yorkshire. The Stang, North Yorkshire. The Stang is hidden away near Reeth. On the road towards Tan hill, it is left turn towards Barnard Castle. It’s a good long test. Steep at the beginning. It proved quite a testing climb. The 15% gradient section lasts quite a long. […]

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National 100 mile TT 2013

I’ve been looking forward to the national 100 mile TT for quite a while. I’ve only done three 100 mile TTs in my career. 2005 – 3.55 (4th in National 100) 2010 – 3.52 (11th in National) 2010 – 4.02 (West DC) Apart from the first 100, I’ve always been disappointed to fall away and […]

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