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A Typical British Cycle lane video

A short journey from British Cycling on Vimeo. A typical ‘British’ cycle lane. I probably wouldn’t use the cycle lane that takes you away from the road. I don’t see how it’s safer to have to cross two lanes and rejoin a major carriageway. Related Complete guide to Cycle paths

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Cycle Bridge in Belgium shows infrastructure can make a difference

Great photos from this new cycling bridge in Belgium. It just shows, with a little vision and imagination, there’s always a way to improve transport for everyone. I bet even motorists are happy with this bridge. The EU is promoting cycling to some extent. “Cycling is an efficient way of using expensive and scarce space […]

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Rules on Using Cycle Lanes

Rules on Using Cycle Lanes

There is often a perception amongst motorists (and in Youtube video below NY police) that cyclists are legally obliged to stay in the cycle lane. On a few occasions, some motorists have suggested I move off road into some kind of cycle path (usually shared use on pavement) The UK Highway code states: 63 Cycle […]

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Bad Cycle Lanes

Bad Cycle Lanes

A cycle path of sorts There are quite a few cycle lanes in Oxford which I try to avoid if possible. An example, is the cycle path on Botley Road. Firstly it is on the pavement with a white line down the middle. This means there is risk of collision with pedestrians using the pavement. […]

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