Quiet Turbo Trainers

If you wish to do some turbo training during the winter months, you may need to find a turbo trainer that is quiet. Especially if you live in an upstairs flat, it is important you get one which is not going to annoy the person living underneath.

Quiet turbo trainers are also often necessary if warming up for early morning races. UK time trials often have restrictions about use of noisy turbos.

Two good recommendations for a very quiet turbo trainer is the

  • Elite Chrono wireless. Brilliant. Almost silent. No vibration. It costs around around £225, but you can get less than £200 now
  • Tacx Satori quiet. about £160(ish)

Elite Chrono Fluid Turbo Trainer

elite chrono
  • It is very quiet, helped by a elasto gel technology and big 45mm flywheel roller.
  • Gives a very good riding feel.
  • Also has good variance of resistance (5 levels) so you can get feel of climbs or riding into headwinds
  • It comes pre-assembled and is easy to carry.
  • There are different models of the Elite Chrono. This Elite Chrono Fluid is most expensive. But, cheaper versions such as the Elite Chrono Mag are still very quiet

Tacx Satori

taxc satori
  • Looks great
  • Can vary resistance with adapter on front handlebars.
  • Relatively quiet though not as quiet as the Elite Chrono
  • Taxc Satori High Power at Wiggle (currently £175.99)


Other Tips for Quiet Turbo Trainer Tyres

  • The other alternative is to build a platform, i.e place a wooden board on an old mattress. This will reduce all vibrations, though you may still get the flywheel noise.  But, this can be important if you want to use a turbo in a flat.
  • This Continental turbo training tyre will help reduce noise and heat build up. It is specially created for using on a turbo. It also has the advantage of not wearing away.
  • If you have a spare rear wheel, It’s great just to keep it for turbo with this specific turbo tyre.

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