Oxford Cyclists and Morris Men

A few recent photos of Oxford cyclists.


Different directions

I was moving web-servers yesterday, when this blog got temporarily mixed up with my blog of Oxford photos. People searching for ‘cycling in the rain’, were probably confused when they got redirected to images of Oxford spires at Sunset. Thanks to those who pointed it out.

Also, sorry, comments have been a bit¬†temperamental over past few weeks, but I think they are fine now. One of the travails of the computer age is those gremlins which stop things working as they are supposed to. I was never much good at cycle repair, but, at least you know where you stand with a bicycle. If the wheel is buckled, at least you can understand why it doesn’t ride in a straight line. A computer by contrast looks all innocence, but then mendaciously does the exact opposite of what is intended, and unlike a bicycle, doesn’t respond quite as well to being hit with a hammer…

morris men

This rambling intro  is mainly to offer an introduction for a few recent photos of Oxford cyclists, with the odd Morris Men thrown in for good measure. And to reassure you this is really cyclinginfo.co.uk , not Oxford Photos (hopefully!)
Cycling Oxford

cycling in rain

Cycling Oxford

Waiting in rain

Cycling Oxford

Don’t take the corner too quick..

Cycling Oxford

Sun creeping through – a rare site this April.




Cycling Oxford

There must have been a Morris Men convention in Oxford. Lots of bells jingling on the streets. Good stuff.

Good old Morris Men can cheer up the dullest of days


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