7 Reasons to Go Cycling in Mid Winter

Winter Cycling Training


Once you start cycling, you will enjoy it. The problem is that it is easy to think of excuses not to get started.


Christmas is unfortunately an easy time to pile on the weight. More food + less exercise = Increasing weight. When the racing season comes it may not be so easy to reduce your weight. Give yourself a reason to justify eating all those mince pies.

TV is boring.

Cycling is an excellent alternative to watching the 35th repeat of the Sound of Music and whatever else gets shown at Christmas.

A Break from Relations

Of course, we all like to see our relations. – But, we can have too much of a good thing. Give everyone a bit of breathing space by saying you have to keep to a very strict winter training plan. They will be impressed at your dedication and professional approach. :)

Weather can be Overcome.

It make take half an hour to get dressed for winter cycling. But, there is no reason why you can’t overcome all the winter elements with the latest winter cycling gear. Don’t let the cold, be a barrier to going out. – You soon warm up when you get out on your bike.


You can always spend several hours on an indoor turbo trainer. Avoid the cold and wet; cycle safe from crazy drivers and winter ice. And, of course, tremendous fun – just don’t think of yourself being like a hamster going round a treadmill.

Early Season Fitness

If you want to be fit, the only way is to train more. If you cycle through winter, you will definitely appreciate it when you get to early spring and the first early season races.

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