Photos from York Cycle Festival


Family cycling along river.

Nice garden for cycling. If only all cycle paths were like this.

Cycling by fountainGetting up to speed.

And he’s up in the air



Don’t look now mum.

York Cycling


York Cycling

mountain bikes jumping.

bike by pond.

Mini race track

very civilized.

no parking

no parking – orange time trial bikes excepted.

Two bikes.

three cyclists

Third bike joins the party.
York Cycling


York Cycling


York Cycling

by fountain

York Cycling



York Cycling

testing a new bike.


The York Cycling festival is organised to encourage people to cycle and encourage a cycling culture in a city, which already has a high rate of cycling.

There was a real mix of cycling, from jumps in the air, to many people cycling very slowly around enjoying the atmosphere of Rowntree Park.


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  1. Tim September 11, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    Looks like a fun day out and it’s always nice to see cycling being celebrated, although I notice not everyone was so impressed with the idea:

    I can see the point – festivals and celebrations are little good if your family can’t ride across town safely. But you didn’t include any photos of the featured car information at the cycling festival!

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