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Doping and Suspicious Performances

Fairly early in the USADA report into US Postal, they made the point that according to WADA rules, performance alone is never sufficient to launch an anti doping investigation. In other words, ‘eyebrow raising performances’ are not sufficient for an anti-doping unit to begin an investigation of an athlete. There needs to be other evidence. […]

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Rob Hayles – Easy Rider – book review

I received a copy of Easy Rider: My Life on a bike by Rob Hayles, and enjoyed reading it. It’s the story of a laid back character, who rose from riding the track in Portsmouth to finally coming double world champion in 2005. It’s a reminder that the world of cycling is incredibly competitive, and […]

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nationaal archief

Tour De France Questions

The tour is one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the world. No matter how many scandals and tearful confessions on Oprah , we can’t resist the allure of watching the Tour. The tour has everything, beautiful scenery, drama, excitement, raw passion and the opportunity for endless hours of Sean Kelly say ‘erm, well, I […]

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Va Va Froome – book review

It’s the week before the Tour de France and we have a whole week with no cycling on tele, just hours of speculation about the riders, the course and different possible outcomes. It’s that time of the year when journalists are desperately looking out for some tibit or quote to fill the press pages. Chris […]

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Alex Dowsett and racing in the rain

Just a few quick thoughts on the Giro d’Italia and racing in the rain. On Friday I saw Bradley Wiggins struggling on the descents. After crashing on a slippery descent, he took it gingerly down the remainder of the last climb losing over a minute to the leading contenders. As the cliche goes, it’s all […]

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List of Tour de France Winners 1903 – 2012

List of Tour de France Winners 1903 – 2012

Despite breaks for the two world wars the Tour de France has been held every year since 1903. It is not the oldest cycling race. But, it is the oldest and most prestigious stage race. All the great names of professional cycling can be found in the list of Tour de France winners. 4 cyclists […]

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Watching the Classics on Eurosport

As a Yorkshireman, I have an inbuilt resistance to paying an extra £7 a month, just to get one paltry tv channel. For years I’ve resisted on principle. But, this year, I finally spent £7 a month to upgrade my BT package to include Eurosport. Actually, I didn’t just get Eurosport, but about 30 other […]

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Old cycling books and unintended comedy

Recently I was looking through my bookcase, looking for books to give away to charity shops. I have a Zen like attitude to personal stuff. I get great joy from giving things away creating empty space.  I often have to later go back and buy what I’ve just thrown out, but that’s another story. The […]

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David Walsh on Lance Armstrong Life ban

I’m on holiday, so I don’t want to write an article, but David Walsh said pretty much everything I wanted to say: “I’m pleased that it’s come to this and that he’s accepted the charges against him. I’m disappointed that it didn’t go to arbitration because that would have given us the details as to […]

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4th Place and an Olympic Medal

Sport can be a tough world. Imagine working for 12 years at a job, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – sacrificing diet, and all the usual conveniences of life. But after those 12 years of work, the end result is only a perceived failure with no pension or pay off. A sense […]

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Laura Trott

GB Olympic Track Cyclists

It was quite a fitting end to the Olympic track programme to see Sir Chris Hoy warmly embraced by Olympic legend Sir Steve Redgrave. Sir Steve Redgrave won five consecutive gold medals at five different Olympics – an unprecedented achievement. Sir Chris Hoy took his final tally to 6 gold and 1 silver from four […]

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