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Photos of Cycle Commuters

Cycling news has been overshadowed this week by two crashes to famous cyclists – first Bradley Wiggins knocked over by a van, then Shane Sutton in an accident on the A6. I can’t think of much to add apart from I hope cyclists get better, and I hope people become inspired to take more care […]

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Public Space – People, Bicycles and Cars

A couple of interesting blogs about the relative space taken up by people, bicycles and cars. Firstly, the Cycling embassy of Great Britain has a good post on use of public space in Amsterdam. Look at the photos and weep. Question: Why does no-one in Amsterdam wear a helmet? Question: Would you prefer to cycle […]

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Easily Pleased with York Cycling Facilities

Easily Pleased with York Cycling Facilities

Perhaps I’m too easily pleased with cycling facilities. After coming back from Queens, New York I feel anything without cars travelling at 50mph with scant regard for anyone else on the road is a real boon. For example, last Sunday I was in York for an hour. I noticed there was a cycling festival so […]

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Tips for Defensive Cycling

Cycling on British roads like a battle between David and Goliath; in an accident between an SUV and a bike, there is only going to be one loser. There may be a lot of injustice, but we can cycle defensively and minimise the dangers to ourselves. Riding in New York has made me reconsider this […]

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The Comparative Cost of Cycling and Motoring

Two things caught my eye recently. The recession in Greece is causing a boom in bike sales and cycle use. An advert for the Nissan leaf promising to do 385 miles to the gallon. This will enable you to run your car for £175 a year as opposed to £1,200 a year. Firstly, the experience […]

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Cyclists – Pedestrians or Vehicle?

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” – John Howard Is a cyclist akin to an unprotected pedestrian or should a person on a bicycle be treated the same as a motorbike / motor vehicle? Perhaps one reason why certain cycling issues can be so contentious is the fact that no-one […]

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Should Cycle Helmets be made Compulsory?

Now that Lord Bradley Wiggins of Kilburn has confirmed that he doesn’t want to make cycle helmets compulsory, I feel it’s safe to rehash an old post on cycle helmets. I have a strong fear this topic may have been covered by one or two other people on the internet today already, but I’m sure […]

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london cyclists advanced stop sign

An Olympic Legacy for Cycling

The London Velodrome is a very visible legacy for London Cyclists. But, will the cycling legacy be confined to off-road velodromes or is there a chance to promote cycling right in the heart of British cities? What would be the best Olympic legacy for cycling in London and the UK? 1. More Numbers The best […]

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Eastpak Kruizer Velow Messenger Bag Review

A review of  the Eastpak Kruiser Messenger Bag. Usually, when commuting I use panniers. I don’t like cycling for long distances with a messenger bag. But, despite preferring panniers, I do often end up using a bag like this. So I was happy to test for the past few weeks. It fits around the body […]

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Copenhagen Cycling

  A cycle path well used. Not just a strip of paint, but separated from the road. It is said 35,000 cyclists daily use the Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen Copenhagen’s Super highway. The Birth of Copenhagen as a Cycling City Video about Copenhagen’s decision to pedestrians large parts of the city centre in 1962. The interviewer […]

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edinburgh cycling

Edinburgh Cycling

A marvellous view down to Edinburgh on the right. I have visited Edinburgh on quite a few occasions. The city has a lot of character, and it’s always good to visit. Like most UK cities, cycling seems to be a fairly marginal form of transport – despite the attempts of some cycling advocates. However, in […]

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