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Throwing Eggs at Cyclists

I was glancing through the Yorkshire Evening Post, as I waited in a Cafe Nero in Leeds to be served. Unfortunately, the only article I had time to read was a good old Yorkshire columnist who basically advocated throwing eggs at cyclists. He painted the usual picture of irresponsible cyclists going through red lights e.t.c. […]

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looking over-shoulder-taking full lane

Vehicular Cycling

Vehicular cycling is the idea that a cyclist should take up the position on the road, as if he / she was another vehicle on the road. It is related to the idea that: Cyclists have a right to be on the road, and it is necessary to defend this right. “Every person riding a […]

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No Such Thing as Free Parking

  A while back, I was in New York visiting a restaurant in a popular part of town (in Queens). There were no car parking spaces. So we spent 20 minutes driving around looking for a free car parking space. When we found a space, I noticed parking was free (zero cost). I suggested to […]

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Commuting and the Tour De France

I really enjoyed this video, commuting to work with commentary from the Tour de France. Very clever (good bit starts after first minute) I love the podium where he is given his ‘blue jersey’ of a doctor’s apron by two nurses. related The Real guide to Commuter racing

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Road Design for Creating More Space

One of the most popular cycle campaigns is the simple message – Give Cyclists Room.   The basic principle of ‘give cyclists more room‘ is: Cycling becomes safer. Less likely to be knocked off by passing motor vehicle misjudging how close you are. Cycling becomes more enjoyable (less stressful). When cars pass at 50mph with […]

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Electronic Bike Tags

As a follow up to the post on – Registering your bicycle, I bought an electronic ImmobiTag and fitted it to my commuting bike. It me cost £14.99 (from and seems good value for what it promises to do. I later found out you can buy it for £10 from Wiggle Firstly, it only […]

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Two Wheels Good

This bike park is always crammed and busy. There are often 15 parked bikes here in the space it takes to park one car. (On the left you will see two empty disabled car parking spaces.) More car parking spaces behind bike rack. On this street, bike parking is pretty limited compared to car parking. […]

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Wheelsucking and Road Racing

I was cycling into town this morning with tired legs after a hilly ride in the Chilterns the previous day. I was recovering nicely on the smooth newly tarmaced Iffley Road. A commuter in lycra shorts came storming past me on a hybrid bike. I couldn’t resist jumping on his back wheel and following him […]

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Red Lights and the Lemming Effect

  There were 15 cyclists waiting for this light change. Not one jumped through red-light- if nothing else you would have to weave through a lot of other cyclists to go ahead. But, if no-one else is around, the % going through red is higher. With too much time on my hands, I thought I’d […]

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Stats on Cycling Through Red Lights

An interesting report from Transport for London about the % of cyclists who actually cycle through red lights in London. Report on Cycling stats TFL pdf Transport for London Conducted a survey at 5 different locations around London and marked the number of cyclists who went through red lights. Total Cyclists   who ran red light – […]

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95% of Cyclists Fail to Break Speed Limit

The internet is buzzing with news that cyclists  have admitted they routinely fail to break the speed limit, clogging up British roads and contributing to warnings from advanced motorists groups that there may be occasions when drivers have to slow down in order to overtake these unfortunate people who routinely insist on using nineteenth century […]

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