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Best Puncture Proof Tyres

No ordinary tyre guarantees to be absolute puncture free, but improvements in technology have gone a long way to reducing your chances of puncturing. For the average rider and commuter, buying a puncture resistant tyre is probably one of best upgrades to make. Highly puncture resistant tyres usually have a trade off of greater weight […]

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Zip Vit Energy Chews Review

I received a free batch of Zip Vit Energy chews through the post. A different way of taking on carbohydrates, these kind of feel like an expensive version of wine gums. They have 46grams of carbohydrate per pack, half of which 22 grams is sugars. It’s main ingredients are Tapioca Syrup, Sugar and Maltodextrin. There […]

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boardman carbon

Boardman Team Carbon Review

This week I have been riding the C. Boardman Team Carbon road bike. At £1,299 it provides an excellent quality road bike for a very affordable price. There aren’t many full carbon fibre road bikes with Shimano 105 at this price range; it will make it a popular choice for a keen sportive rider or someone who wants a good road bike without breaking the bank

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Profile Sonic CSX Carbon Aero Bars

Profile Sonic CSX Carbon Aero Bars

Review of Profile Sonic CSX Carbon Aero Bars. Very lightweight, highly adjustable, sleak and looks great.

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Armadillo Tyres Review

Armadillo Tyres Review

One of the best things I bought for my commuting bike last year, was a pair of  Specialised Armadillo tyres. I have only had one puncture in the past 12 months – and that was a large nail, that could have punctured a car tyre. They are not completely puncture proof. But, my own experience […]

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Rawfood Energy Bars

On long rides, I’m always looking for a greater variety of energy bars. Natural rawfood energy bars seemed to offer something quite different to the usual high sugar content of many bars I use so I bought a box to try. I find when training hard, you don’t always feel like eating as much as […]

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Brooks Saddles Review

Brooks Saddles Review

Since starting a cycling blog I’ve become more interested in the perspective of non-racing cyclists ( – people who primarily cycle because it is a convenient way to get from A to B). The constant recurring theme is the preference for a comfortable saddle. Quite a few people have said their main reason for not […]

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Tubulars v Tyres?

Both tubulars and ordinary tyres (with separate inner tubes) have advantages and disadvantages. I use both. When racing (time trials, hill climbs)  I use tubulars (tubs) for races. On my commuting and training bikes I use the more conventional inner tube /tyre combination for training.   Advantages of Tubulars. More Puncture Resistant. Tubulars  seem to […]

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Cheap Mountain Bike

Cheap Mountain Bike

The snow weather today inspired me to go and buy a cheap mountain bike from Halfords, which is just around the corner from where I lived. I was the only customer in the store, and I had to help push a motorist who had got stuck in the B&Q car park. The one good thing […]

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Cycle Computers

I must have had about 9-10 different cycle computers, I seem to go through cycle computers quicker than I do bikes. As a bit of a statto I do like to know how far I’ve been and at what average speed. It’s useful to keep a training diary and record how far you’ve been. When […]

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