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Archive black and white cycling photos

A selection of classic black and white cycling photos from collections which are in the public domain. I found many of these searching Flickr Commons. Cycling up the Col d’Aubisque – Back in the days before the invention of tarmac. Sheep Shearer on the move Which way to school? A Wheely good way to become […]

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The Odd Science of Cycling

Interesting article and video here at the Guardian [link]. A guy with Parkinsons lost the ability to walk, but he could still ride a bicycle . The explanation is something to do with something how the brain functions. It made me think of a slightly tangential point about how cycling can make you feel like […]

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Reasons to go out cycling in winter

This morning, I was nursing a rather painful saddle sore. The consequence of either a cheap saddle on my winter training bike or the many hours I’ve spent on the bike in the past seven days. Since it was also very cold first thing, I had two very good reasons not to go out cycling. […]

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london cyclists advanced stop sign

An Olympic Legacy for Cycling

The London Velodrome is a very visible legacy for London Cyclists. But, will the cycling legacy be confined to off-road velodromes or is there a chance to promote cycling right in the heart of British cities? What would be the best Olympic legacy for cycling in London and the UK? 1. More Numbers The best […]

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tour de france

Average Speeds Cycling

A look at different average speeds in different types of cycling. All speeds are in km/h A quick conversion: 20 km/h = 12.4 mph 30 km/h = 18.6 mph 32 km/h = 20 mph 40 km/h = 24.85 mph 48.4 km/h – 30 mph 50 km/h = 31.06 mph If you look at current times […]

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issues cycling health

Cycling and Health Issues

Comment from Cycling and health ‘that’s a powerful argument for more cycling priority coming into transport policy. So why is it so hard to get authorities to take it seriously? I think health is primarily an individual issue. You have to be responsible for the health of your body – whatever government policy dictates. However, […]

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edinburgh cycling

Edinburgh Cycling

A marvellous view down to Edinburgh on the right. I have visited Edinburgh on quite a few occasions. The city has a lot of character, and it’s always good to visit. Like most UK cities, cycling seems to be a fairly marginal form of transport – despite the attempts of some cycling advocates. However, in […]

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cycling health

Cycling and Health

In recent years, there has been increased awareness of the growth in obesity and other ‘diseases of affluence’. In the UK, the biggest single factor causing death is Coronary Heart Disease – a problem exacerbated by low levels of exercise and poor diet. Cycling, as a low impact activity, could significantly help to improve the […]

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No Such Thing as Free Parking

  A while back, I was in New York visiting a restaurant in a popular part of town (in Queens). There were no car parking spaces. So we spent 20 minutes driving around looking for a free car parking space. When we found a space, I noticed parking was free (zero cost). I suggested to […]

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Best Winter Cycling Gear

1. Reflective clothing. Even during the day, light levels can be quite low. Motorists can easily miss cyclists who are dressed in dark clothes. Reflective clothing can make as much difference as lights. There are many options for purchasing reflective clothing. Usually, it is quite light weight. Also, don’t just buy a reflective top. Reflective […]

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Traffic Light Conversation

Traffic Light Conversation

Who says cyclists are impatient to jump lights? Traffic lights are a nice chance to catch your breath and have a chat with your fellow cyclist.

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