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Registering Your Bicycle

In central Oxford, the police recently had a street stand encouraging people to register their bicycle. Unfortunately a high % of bikes recovered by the police never make it back to their owners. This is a shame as a quick registering of the bike would make it much easier to reunite owners with bicycles. The […]

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mongoose maurice

Mongoose Maurice Review

The Moongoose Maurice is an entry level single speed which can be adapted for freestyle riding. The colour scheme and make up of the bike mean it is clearly aimed at the younger segment of the urban bike market. It is likely to appeal to someone looking for a single speed bike with something a […]

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raleigh flyer

Raleigh Flyer Review

The Raleigh Flyer is a budget single speed town bike. From a distance it looks quite impressive and with a £230 price tag, it definitely gains your attention.  Raleigh flyer – not bad looking. Raleigh are producing a lot of different bikes at a very low cost. These cheap bikes are quite popular in Oxford […]

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Brompton Folding Bike Reviews

Determined to get a foldup bike, I thought there was no better start than trying out a Brompton. It came  highly recommended by a few readers; some Brompton owners I know speak of their foldups in almost hushed reverent tones. There is great pride and loyalty amongst Brompton owners, somewhat reminiscent of a proud Pashley […]

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Benefits of Foldup Bike

A look at some of the benefits of a fold up bike. (Or in my case a justification to buy another bike – see: Do I need to buy a new bike?) My last bicycle purchase involved spending a four figure sum on some ‘light as paper’ carbon fibre wheels. They would probably dissolve if […]

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Best Place to Buy a Bike

There are quite a few different options for buying a bike. Bike Shop Bike Zone Oxford. A good place to buy a bike. Not all local bike shops are the same. Some will specialise in selling cheap hybrid bicycles and have little knowledge of road bikes. It is harder to find a shop which specialises […]

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Tips for Buying Best Value Road Bike

When buying a road bike, these are some tips to make sure you get the best value. Colnago – probably not best value. But, sometimes you just want to get the best. Buy Last Years Models. A good time to buy bikes is in the autumn as manufacturers are introducing their new season bikes. The […]

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Do I Need a New Bike?

Part of being a cyclist is the big question of when to splash out and buy a new bike? How much should we invest in buying a new bike, and how much time should we spend pouring over magazines / t’internet in looking for our next pride and joy? Do we actually need any justification […]

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Best Cycling Road Tyres

My favourite tyres for road cycling depend on the use of the bike. For commuting into work along roads and a river bank (Thames in Oxford), my highest priority is puncture resistance. As a general rule, I don’t carry a spare inner tube on my 3 mile commute. Therefore, if I puncture, it’s a choice […]

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Advice on Buying First Road Bike

My first road bike – Mail order from Ribble. If you are considering getting your first road bike, ideally you would be able to spend a minimum of £350 – £400. This would be enough to get you a decent entry level bike and give you a few options. For example, at that price range […]

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Winter Training Bikes

A winter training bike is a great luxury to have. You can ride it into the ground and not worry (too much) about your expensive groupset rusting away on salty roads. If things go well, you might spend many hours on your winter training bike, getting in all those winter miles. Make sure it is […]

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