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Tips for Better Pedalling Technique

Tips for Better Pedalling Technique

Because pedalling is such an intrinsic part of cycling, it is important to optimise and perfect our pedalling action. Especially for beginners it is important to work on our pedal action. These are some tips to Improving Our Pedalling Action 1. Make Sure the Saddle height is correct. See: Correct saddle height and bike frame […]

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Tips for Fitting Tight a Tyre

Recently I bought some of the new Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tyres. They are pretty good and claim to have lower rolling resistance, improved puncture resistance and also have a gauge to recommend when you should replace them. However, they were a bit difficult to fit and I have a blister on my thumb to […]

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use spin stix

Quick release Skewers

Quick release skewers are a great invention to make it easy to change your wheel. These are some of the lightest and best performing skewers . Not the most glamorous part of a bike, but, if you become fanatical about losing weight on a bike (like me) it’s fun to look at every possible way […]

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mavic kyrsiums

Mavic Ksyrium Review

I have ridden Mavic Kysrium wheel’s for a couple of years and they are a pretty versatile and reliable wheel. I once had a problem with the bearings, which needed fixing but apart from that they are quite sturdy. The advantages of the Mavic Ksyrium’s include Light enough to race. I have used them for […]

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Tips for Mending a Puncture

Getting a puncture is one of the most irritating things of cycling. Sometimes when you get a puncture, you then seem to get several punctures in quick succession. There are a few things you can do to prevent punctures and mending them with least difficulty. 1. Carry Inner Tube, pump and tyre Leavers During a […]

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Functions of Heart Rate Monitors

Functions of Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors can be useful aid to training. They can show how hard you are training and what kind of progress you are making. Your resting heart rate can also gives signs of illness or over training (a high heart rate in the morning means the body is working harder to deal with recovery) […]

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Best Lights for Cycling

A good pair of lights are essential for cycling safety. If you are wondering about the desirability of a good set of lights (or even 2nd back up) See this post – How dangerous is cycling at night? Most powerful set of LED lights Cateye EL530 And LD600 The front light uses one ultra bright […]

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