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Scwalbe Ultremo ZX Tyre Review

I’ve been riding a Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tyre on my rear wheel for the past 2,000 Km on my road bike. It is a slick racing tyre, weighing only 195 grams [Schwalbe ZX] and has low rolling resistance. Grip in the dry is very good. Unexpectedly, it performs less well in the wet, so as […]

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Knog Party Frank

Knog Party Frank Lock Review

Knog are newcomers to the lock market. The’ve tried to be innovative in coming up with bright bendy locks. It certainly looks different to your average lock. The Knog Party Frank lock is a lightweight (250grams), low security lock – Knog rate it 3/10 for security. The Cable Diameter 12mm, The Steel Cable Diameter inside […]

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Garmin 500 Edge Review

The Yorkshireman in me has always been reluctant to even contemplate spending £170 on a glorified speedometer. But, now I’ve taken the plunge, I’m kind of regretting not buying it a few years ago, when it first came out. The Garmin 500 is expensive, but also a really marvellous product. It is so good, it […]

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knog blinder

Knog Blinder 4V Review

The Knog Blinder 4V is a bright rear light with 44 lumens of light, visible from upto 800 metres. It is USB rechargeable and easy to fit. It’s also pretty sleek and aerodynamic. The Knog Blinder 4V is a different shape to the original square Knog Blinder. Recently, I’ve been looking for a bright rear […]

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Altura Night Vision Flite Jacket Review

The Altura Night vision Flite is quite an expensive lightweight waterproof jacket. The main question is whether it is worth the £70 – when there are quite a few alternative jackets at a lower price? Firstly, it is very light (medium size is only 140grams) and very compact. It comes in a small grey bag, […]

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Altura Ergofit Leg Warmers Review

I spend most of the cycling year in leg warmers. They are one of most important pieces of cycling clothes, and I’ve tried quite a few other the years. I wanted to test these Altura ergo fit leg warmers because it sounded intuitive to make leg warmers to the shape of your legs, rather than […]

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chamois cream

Assos Chamois Cream Review

Fortunately, I haven’t experienced too much saddle sore over the years. But, a painful posterior can be one of the big drawbacks of cycling long distances. I don’t apply a chamois cream every ride, but for longer ones, it helps to prevent chaffing and makes for a smoother ride. Quite often I forget to put […]

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mavic krysiums

Mavic Ksyrium SL Review

I have been using a pair of Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels for 3-4 years. They are a very good road clincher wheelset. Light, stiff and look very good on the bike. The first thing about the wheels is that they look pretty impressive with shiny silver and flat spokes. A rarity amongst wheels, they will […]

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Best Cycling Road Tyres

My favourite tyres for road cycling depend on the use of the bike. For commuting into work along roads and a river bank (Thames in Oxford), my highest priority is puncture resistance. As a general rule, I don’t carry a spare inner tube on my 3 mile commute. Therefore, if I puncture, it’s a choice […]

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Recovery Drinks

You know you’ve had a tough ride, when you are walking gingerly down the stairs reaching for the handrail, that’s how I felt about the 50 mile race on Sunday. This weekend I had two races, a 10 mile race on Saturday afternoon and a 50 mile race on Sunday morning. Usually, I don’t take […]

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Tubulars for Time Trials

For time trials there is a trade off between speed and puncture resistance. If you choose a tyre with greater puncture resistance you will tend to get a) heavier tub b) higher rolling resistance. In an ideal world, you would change your tubulars depending on conditions. For a dry day on a nice smooth dual […]

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